Cornish food and drink

Cornish Foodie is a celebration of Food and Drink in Cornwall

  • Are You Looking for special Cornish Food and Drink to remind you of your fantastic holidays?
  • Eager to support local farmers and producers?
  • Searching for inspiration?

Or simply wanting to unearth the hidden, quality food and drink grown in Cornwall?

Whatever the reason, you’ve come to the right place to discover the magic of this beautiful county.

Welcome to Cornish Foodie!

What to Eat & Drink in Cornwall

Quite rightly, Cornish food and drink is making a worldwide name for itself. The dedication, love, and hard work our farmers, fishermen, and producers put into their labours is beginning to reap rewards.

So, come with me on a journey through the fields and across cliff tops. Meander down gently flowing rivers and sail our seas; let’s search out Cornwall’s bounty from hedgerows to muddy farmyards.

Together, we’ll discover Cornwall’s new wealth – Cornish food and drink.

Your Cornish Foodie

Helen Boss Cornish Foodie

Hello, I’m Helen Boss and I am the Cornish Foodie.

I aim to bring you the very best information, tips, and ideas about food and drink so that you too can become a Cornish foodie!

Born and brought up in St Ives, I am a trained Cordon Bleu cook with a passion for fresh, local ingredients. I am on a mission to root out the very best products for you to enjoy.

Here’s a small selection of what you’ll discover within our pages

  • All the wonderful cuisine that Cornwall is famous for: pasties, clotted cream, cider, and cream teas, of course! 
  • You’ll discover a fantastic array of quality food and drink farmed, fished, or produced here. Check out the pages under the food and drink sections.
  • Explore the amazing selection of small, independent outlets, which you will find under the Discover More tab.

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Cornish Food and Drink Another Way

Finally, let’s discuss our favourite topic of Cornish food and drink in a different way. Join the discussion on the blog, or why not visit the Facebook page and let me know your favourites?  I’d love to know!

Most of all, enjoy your own voyage of discovery through the Cornish countryside, along its coasts, and get to know the special people who bring you its wealth. 

The wealth of Cornwall used to be in its tin and precious metals. Today the wealth is in the beauty of its landscape, its people, and its history, along with its produce.

Let Cornish Foodie root out the gems, and share with you the alchemy of this mystical land.

Yeghes da!


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