Best Seafood Restaurants in Cornwall: A Review of Emily Scott

Emily Scott Restaurant

Cornish Foodie recently dined at one of the best seafood restaurants in Cornwall – Emily Scott at Watergate Bay.  And of course, we couldn’t let the opportunity pass by to bring you our review.

Emily Scott Food

Emily Scott is hot on everyone’s lips at the moment.  As a result of a hugely successful 2021, Emily has opened her much-trumpeted Emily Scott restaurant above the beach in Watergate Bay.

G7 Banquet at the Eden Project

Much acclaimed for her catering at the G7 Summit last summer, Emily’s reputation has soared.  Certainly having Heads of State from across the world dine at the Eden Project banquet on a menu devised for a queen has elevated her name to that of celebrity. 

Grabbing the chance to experience lunch at the restaurant, I am excited to discover whether all the hype is true.  After all, it’s not often we can say we’ve eaten food prepared by the same team as cooked for Her Majesty The Queen.

Location, Location, Location

Where better for one of the best seafood restaurants in Cornwall to be situated than above the beach overlooking the sea?

On a cool, yet sunny day in early February with a stiff breeze blowing in off the ocean, I find myself tucked cosily onto the covered terrace.  Bright sunlight floods the restaurant making it feel as if the room hovers above the beach, at one with the sea and sky.

As the tide is out, it exposes the huge expanse of sand stretching out before us.  In the distance, white horses fleck the wind-whipped waves.  And, for our entertainment, the odd kite surfer dances across the foaming waves at the edge of the sea.

There’s no doubt this has to be one of the most stunning locations for a restaurant, especially when the sun is out.  As it faces west, I imagine the sunsets are spectacular.  Clearly, I am going to have to come back for dinner to test my theory!

Best Seafood Restaurants in Cornwall Charity Set Menu

best seafood restaurants in Cornwall

As this is one of the best seafood restaurants in Cornwall, I am expecting to eat seafood.  And I am not disappointed!

Eating at lunchtime we are able to choose the charity menu.  This set menu is a three-course meal with a choice of starters, mains and dessert.

Until the 18th of February, £3 of every meal on this menu goes directly to the Fishermen’s Mission.  As a seafood restaurant in Cornwall, it is fitting to be giving back to the community risking their lives to put fish on our tables.

Emily Scott is renowned for her classic, simple way of cooking, ensuring the food takes centre stage.  The freshest of local ingredients combined with the lightest of touch means that attention to detail is key.

Gurnard cured in Emily’s vodka, buckthorn, blood orange, green chilli 

Baked Cornish cod, miso beurre blanc 

Caramelised blood oranges, poached rhubarb, vanilla ice cream

Emily Scott Food

My starter was beautiful.  Light, flavoursome and the perfect beginning, setting the scene for the main event.  Emily’s citrus vodka marries the delicate fish with fruity flavours.  Whilst the chilli quietly adds piquancy, the buckthorn and blood orange balance the heat, showcasing the fish itself as the star of the dish.

My main course of baked Cornish cod with miso beurre blanc was cooked to perfection.  This is so hard to get right; to take into account the time to plate up and deliver to the customer, so the fish is neither under nor overcooked.

Of course, it helps that the freshest fish is used.  And that the seafood is in skilled hands.  All were in evidence.  The miso beurre blanc sauce was subtle and complimented without overpowering the delicate flavour of the fish.

To Side, or Not to Side?

At this point, I must say I had chosen not to add any side dishes to my main course.  These were an extra cost, and I felt I wanted to allow the fish its full glory.  However, I did get to taste the winter greens my friends ordered.  

Top tip: order sides between two people, as they are generous portions.  On the menu was Koffmann fries with Parmesan, and winter greens with confit shallot and chives.

My pudding choice of caramelised blood orange, poached rhubarb and vanilla ice cream was refreshing and full of flavour. 

So, will Cornish Foodie be returning?

One of the Best Seafood Restaurants in Cornwall

I very much enjoyed Emily Scott’s straightforward, uncomplicated way of cooking.  It is how I would cook the beautiful ingredients myself, with care and understanding of each element on the menu.  It is especially good to feel that attention to detail is not lost in a commercial kitchen.

Clearly, others think so too, as the restaurant was full.  Together with a good team, and as more people spread the word about the quality and service, Emily’s success is assured.

Cornish Foodie will certainly be back!

Disclaimer: Cornish Foodie did not receive any remuneration for this article.

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